Welcome to the future of cocoa production

Update (10/12/2010): CocoaMasters' renewable energy project featured in Reuters' AlertNet - chosen by Cameroonian government

Sustainable cocoa Africa Cameroon renewable energy climate changeCocoa farmers in southwest Cameroon, where cocoa quality has for years suffered as a result of unusually heavy rains, now have some good news: The government has announced a plan to dry cocoa beans with renewable energy.  To do so, it has chosen CocoaMasters' technology, co-developed by Farmers for the Future , and a business model crafted by Women for Green Growth - both partners of us!  Read the article


Cocoa organic fair trade climate friendly chocolate AfricaWelcome to the Cocoa Masters' website. We are the future of cocoa production. Chocolate is a universally traded good, but people sometimes forget that the production of a piece of chocolate starts with farmers in tropical countries. They grow the succulent pods full of cocoa seeds, which eventually end up as chocolate products.

The production of cocoa needs to be changed on different levels. We are here to bring about this change.

First of all, the establishment of cocoa plantations used to be an affair of cutting down forests and creating monocultures. We instead develop and invest in highly integrated agroforestry systems that let trees live and generate good, resilient cocoa. This makes our products both climate-friendly and protective of the rich biodiversity found in tropical forests.

Secondly, why do the people who spend most time and effort in producing the cocoa seeds, receive the smallest amount of the profits in the entire chain? Why are they unable to make ends meet? Why are many of them even forced to let their own children labor in their farms? Fair trade cocoa offers an explanation and an alternative.

Finally, the production of cocoa traditionally requires the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which destroy the environment. We research and experiment with organic production techniques, which are less or not dependent on these toxic substances.

At this website you will find more information on how we try to get these issues moving into the cocoa industry. Welcome to the Cocoa Masters.